About Main Street

Main Street Brownsville aims to transform downtown Brownsville into a destination for residents and visitors alike by developing and adopting a strategic Downtown Plan that will rediscover and highlight the unique character of our historic downtown and determine its future development.

The Main Street Four Point Approach will be utilized to guide the development of the strategic plan and work together to build a sustainable community revitalization effort.


Organization establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in downtown Brownsville. The most effective Main Street programs get everyone working toward the same goal. Through volunteer recruitment and collaboration with partners representing a broad cross section of the community, the program can incorporate a wide range of perspectives into its redevelopment efforts.


Through promotional and marketing strategies, we must create a positive image that will renew community pride and tell our Main Street story. Promotions must not only communicate downtown Brownsville's unique characteristics but also its cultural traditions, architecture, history and activities to shoppers, investors, visitors, and potential business and property owners.


Design means getting Main Street into top physical shape and creating a safe, inviting environment for shoppers, workers, and visitors all alike while preserving Brownsville's inimitable historic character.

Design activities include
  • Developing Sensitive Design Management Systems
  • Educating Business and Property Owners About Design Quality
  • Encouraging Appropriate New Construction
  • Enhancing the District's Physical Appearance Through the Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings
  • Implementing Good Maintenance Practices
  • Long-Term Planning

Economic Restructuring

The objective of the economic restructuring component is to strengthen downtown Brownsville's existing economic assets while diversifying its economic base. Successful communities accomplish this by evaluating how to retain and expand successful businesses to provide a balanced commercial mix, sharpening the competitiveness and merchandising skills of business owners, and attracting new businesses that the market can support. Ultimately, we want to build a downtown commercial district that responds to the needs of today's consumers while maintaining the community's historic character.