Brownsville Metropolitan Planning Organization


The Brownsville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provides administrative support and technical services to coordinate, carry out and conduct transportation planning for Brownsville, Los Fresnos and the Town of Rancho Viejo to conform to federal highway and transit regulations. 

The activities conducted by the Brownsville MPO are intended to identify policies, programs and improvement projects to address area transportation activities and needs. The adoption of transportation plans and policies by the MPO is an integral step in the process of obtaining federal funding of various transportation improvements, including transit activities

The Brownsville Metropolitan Planning Organization is happy to announce our newly enhanced independent website.

What's new? First of all, the design and color scheme derive from the 1972 aerial mosaic photograph between Brownsville, Texas - Matamoros, Tamualipas area, hanging in the Planning Department Conference room on the 3rd floor of El Tapiz Building. The black and white background and photographs allow for color to be used to highlight things of significance.

Not only is the website looking more contemporary, it also allows for easier navigation through its logical sequence and structure. The menu located on the top of the webpage allows for a simpler way to find things of interest. Downloading information has never been easier and user friendly. You can easily click and scroll through newsletters, meeting agendas/minutes, reports, studies and maps.

A main feature of this website is the "TRANSLATE" button that hovers through different tabs. Click on this button to select a different language to have the website text translated to, such as Spanish.

We are here to engage, communicate and interact with the public within the Brownsville Metropolitan Urbanized Area.

Be assured that this website will be kept up to date with the latest information and upcoming events. The Brownsville MPO staff depend on visitors of this website to provide us with comments on how we may better serve and improve their transportation needs.